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Jade and her daughter Tristyn Alyssa Love!!!

Be Thyself is so personal for me, now realizing how important it is to know who I am. For so many years I felt as if I was trying to be so many people and do so many things without realizing I was losing myself and didn’t know Thyself.   In 2020 it became so clear to me who I wanted to be and it was of utmost importance to protect the person I was becoming. So many changes…change began with Loving Thyself and in no way allowing myself  to be compromised…yet, a constant reminder to “Be Thyself”. It’s all about being authentically you! Especially now in a time where idolization of others will have you compromising who you are. It’s not about being right or wrong it’s just about being you, protecting your peace, making sound decisions, Loving Thyself and everything that makes you, you! From childhood to adulthood it’s never too late to “Be Thyself”